Business Consultation

525151551551151515151With first-hand intelligence in sales & marketing employment market, we possess the expertise to offer you the most comprehensive overview in industry trend and habits of your targeted market. By gathering insights from industry elites, we can also assist you with timely and practical advice. Whether you are looking to turn your unique business idea into a blooming startup, wondering how your brand is perceived by industry professionals, or eyeing markets in the next town riding on the success of your established operation, we understand the importance of knowing what your clients like and how the markets work.


Why Us?

  • Do you know your market’s upside potential?
  • What is the latest trend in the market?
  • How is your business perceived by industry professionals?
  • Why would talents join and leave your company?
  • Are you eyeing new markets?

Our Market Intelligence Provides Answers

  • Candidates in your industry are our best friends
  • We possess a wealth of market knowledge
  • Big data is our competitive advantage
  • Consultation projects are led by research gurus


Scope of Services

  1. Market Analytics
  • Market intelligence gathered from desk research
  • Various analysis models on market potential, market trend and business strategies
  1. Insight from Industry Elites
  • Industry professionals’ perception of your market positioning
  • Market trend from an insider’s perspective
  1. Recruitment Service
  • Mclaren Consultancy’s expertise in sales & marketing recruitment is highly regarded by clients and candidates
  • Our sister company, Robinson Consultancy, specializes in middle & back office recruitment
  • The group’s recruitment expertise in front, middle to back office fulfills your full-spectrum recruitment needs