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Like the training of professional athletes, job searching process can be lengthy, sometimes painstaking and frustrating. Doing the fundamentals right with a holistic approach is just as crucial as a good training plan for sportsmen – it gets you to the goal line. In this column, we will share some practical tips and insight articles on recruitment from time to time, including CV advice, interview skills, job offer negotiation and resignation meeting. Nonetheless, our best advice to address to your needs is to talk to us directly and let us understand your unique skill set for a personalized job search approach through a booked consultation session.

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Candidate’s Biggest Mistake?

What is missing in your CV?

Throughout the job search process – searching, expecting, and waiting – it is always going to be a mixed feeling – a combination of disappointment, anger, and the worst of all is the experience of self-doubt. You may recall the glorious moment when you were the top salesperson of the year or indulge yourself in the intoxicated feeling of triumph to have broken the sales record with your team. In the long dreaded silence after sending out applications, the spectre of self-doubt rears its head, and you started questioning yourself, “Am I really that bad?”

Before coming to a conclusion, let’s look at a recent survey. The survey, in which 1000 active job seekers and 200 hiring managers participated, was divided into 2 parts:

First, let’s look at the employer’s point of view:
A key question raised in the survey was “Have you ever rejected a job seeker’s CV due to a lack of details on previous roles and achievements on their CVs?”
73% of hiring manager said yes.

Then, look at the job seeker’s point of view:
The key question was “What is the most important part of your CV?”
36% of job seekers thought the most important part is the look and feel of their CVs.
19% regarded their achievements as the most crucial part.

Conclusion – 73% of employers reject CVs due to a lack of details on previous roles and achievements. 19% of candidates think that achievements are the most important part of their CV.

Where lies the huge gap between the expectation of employer and job seeker?

As you can see, simply by stressing more of your achievements in your CV is sufficient to boost your chances of getting an interview.
How? Your recruitment consultant can help.