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Mclaren Consultancy – your professional recruitment partner

As your trusted recruitment partner, what we provide is beyond candidate profiles. We provide an array of search options which aim at selecting only the best for you. Mclaren Consultancy is committed to searching for the most suitable person that fits your business and fetches your business forward. We are dedicated to facilitate your recruitment cycle by our bespoke service that points to the heart of your business needs.

Our recruitment specialists take care of the entire recruitment process guiding you through each stage of the entire recruitment cycle:


Stage 1: Client Meeting

We are eager to understand our client’s business as much as our candidates do. Through diligent research, we build our thorough understanding of our clients’ principles and goals to uncover the qualities that they are looking for. We work in close partnership with our clients to define strategy for our consultants to execute efficiently. Whenever assistance is needed in the recruitment process, our consultants are ready to support.


Stage 2: Consultation

Mclaren Consultancy’s recruitment specialists conduct dynamic talent research drawing upon extensive networks of candidates. Prior to initiating candidate search process, we will conduct an in-depth analysis and proposing a tailor-made recruitment solution to ensure we get the right candidate shortlist within the shortest period of time.


Stage 3: Candidate Search

With our extensive connection across various disciplines, we deliver a comprehensive sourcing strategy to locate the right talents via database search, referral, job advertisement and networking events. Our network maximizes your market coverage and ensures that you do not miss out the potential candidates for your vacancies.


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