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New year? New goal?


Stepping into 2019, we all have different new goals. Keeping fit? Doubling revenue? Or stepping out of comfort zones? Enthusiasm is usually sparked in the beginning, which started to fade after a few days. No matter how large your goals are, there are a few suggestions to help you to get over the struggles when reaching them.


Be consistent.

Consistent is a substantial element when approaching your goals. Otherwise, the outcome may not be the one that you anticipated for. In fact, as human beings, are naturally programmed to the take the path of least resistance. However, don’t let inertia get to you!

Consistency does not mean you are committed to your goals day-to-day. This means dedicating to a goal routinely, just like a habit. Despite how long it takes to get to it, stay focused and commit the right amount of time to confirm the progress. You can reward yourself for any progress once you met one of the milestones.


Be persistent.

Time is needed for the goal to be reached, no matter the size of them. Sometimes you may underestimate the time that takes to complete different tasks. Working towards your goal, you may feel frustrated, devalue yourself or give up accomplishing things you planned to do.

Check the goal regularly if you are on the line of giving up. Track the progress and identify barriers you met. Diagnose what motivates you and what discourages you. Keep motivating you by rewards, ranging from a small bite of biscuit to travelling. Frame your goal statement positively and make a to-do-list and action plan (make sure you stick to it).


Take criticism productively.

Instrumental to reaching goals is taking others’ perspectives into account. For example, a writer reads her work 10 times and finds no error, while her mother finds typo at her first read. However, facing constructive criticism, you are not alone that many of us may react with defensiveness and anger, so don’t take the criticism personally.

You should see criticism as a stepping stone for you to move forward to achieve a better outcome. After all, people have blind spots. Take the appraisals enthusiastically and try to improve on your weakness. Adopt the most effective approach to reach your goals and then you will definitely become a stronger leader.


Have a concrete plan.

Having a solid plan is important to accomplish your goals. Without planning and focus, it is hard to have persistent progress, especially ambitious goals. You can’t build Rome in one day, right?

Facing large or long term goals, it is critical to break these goals into smaller goals. Short term aims can serve as stepping stones to reach the full goals. Break down the ultimate goal into smaller goals, you will find it easier to keep track on the progress, measure your achievement and make changes if needed.

These are the keys for you to accomplish your goals and pave your way to success. Remember in heart and wish you can reach your new year resolutions.

Sharing at ‘Café emploi’


On Wednesday, 12th December 2018, we, Mclaren Consultancy has been invited to ‘Café emploi’ organized by the French-speaking community group “Job, Network and Opportunities in Hong Kong” which has been founded 3 years ago. The objective of this group is to facilitate access to employment for Francophones in HK by posting on their social media pages, numerous networking events, conferences, recruitments, opportunities, tips etc. most importantly helping the people who are freshly arrived in HK as well as people looking for job opportunity since few weeks/ months.

This opportunity allows Mclaren Consultancy to engage with French speaking candidates ranging from 5 to 11 years of experience in different industries including luxury, finance, hospitality-restoration, engineering, energy etc., and be able to guide them through their job search process for different job positions as well as to answer their questions.

During the meeting, the participants will take the time to explore different scenarios (previous experience, looking for which industry and which position …), as well as to exchange on the main cultural differences between the French and Hong Kong practices as for its job search.

As for this meeting the Hong Kong recruitment market are new to some of the participants. Therefore, we have explained the job market in HK, our consultant also shared our professional advice on the participants’ CV, the importance of job interviews, the different jobs board and different contact point that can be approached.

We are very grateful to participate in this event. Hope all the best to those candidates and be able to boost their job search successful rate!

Tough interview? Or just being realistic?

business-437020_1920 (1)

Mostly everyone should have at least once in their life time in having a job interview. Some applicants say interview is a piece of cake, but some say is hard as rock. Some say is exciting and some say is nerve-cracking.

After the interview, some have positive feedback and of course, some has negative feedback. For the applicants that have positive feedback, usually they have a great conversation with the interviewer and everything has gone smoothly as they expected. However, there’s always time when the interview didn’t go well as expected, and one of the reasons is that they are facing ‘tough’ interviewer and they don’t like the atmosphere of the interview with interviewer that has an ‘attitude’.

In one of our recruitment assignments, the major responsibility of the position is to sell luxurious artwork to wealthy clients. A couple of candidates were referred to be interviewed by a line manager. All of them suffered from the same experience with a harsh, impatient and rushed interview. The interviews only took 30 minutes. No working experience were asked but personal things like dress code and style of conversation were picked on. Moreover, the manager emphasized that the employee would be fired if they could not achieve the KPI. All candidates complained of such horrible experience.

We caught up with the HR immediately. She admitted that this was their style and the employee must achieve that KPI. Therefore, we focused on the role play interviews for the candidates. Through the harsh practice, we would be able to manage their expectations and showed them the reality – not all the interviewers were supposed to be kind and friendly.

In fact, no one likes to speak with the harsh persons. However, it is also a fact that harsh persons cannot be avoided during working especially if you are a salesman. The interviewer might be mean, but does it mean that it is his/her true attitude when facing the subordinates? Is it a test to the candidates to get prepared for? These are the things deserve considerations.

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