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Sharing at ‘Café emploi’


On Wednesday, 12th December 2018, we, Mclaren Consultancy has been invited to ‘Café emploi’ organized by the French-speaking community group “Job, Network and Opportunities in Hong Kong” which has been founded 3 years ago. The objective of this group is to facilitate access to employment for Francophones in HK by posting on their social media pages, numerous networking events, conferences, recruitments, opportunities, tips etc. most importantly helping the people who are freshly arrived in HK as well as people looking for job opportunity since few weeks/ months.

Tough interview? Or just being realistic?

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Mostly everyone should have at least once in their life time in having a job interview. Some applicants say interview is a piece of cake, but some say is hard as rock. Some say is exciting and some say is nerve-cracking.

After the interview, some have positive feedback and of course, some has negative feedback. For the applicants that have positive feedback, usually they have a great conversation with the interviewer and everything has gone smoothly as they expected.

Candidate Ghosting Company?

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According to the latest labour force statistics (i.e. provisional figures for May – July 2018) released on August 17 by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD), the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stood at 2.8% in May – July 2018. With this astonishing figure, there are more job openings than there are people looking for work, that then lead to ‘ghosting’, which candidates are bailing on scheduled interviews, in some other cases, some candidates are not showing up for their first day of work without any notification.