Sharing at ‘Café emploi’


On Wednesday, 12th December 2018, we, Mclaren Consultancy has been invited to ‘Café emploi’ organized by the French-speaking community group “Job, Network and Opportunities in Hong Kong” which has been founded 3 years ago. The objective of this group is to facilitate access to employment for Francophones in HK by posting on their social media pages, numerous networking events, conferences, recruitments, opportunities, tips etc. most importantly helping the people who are freshly arrived in HK as well as people looking for job opportunity since few weeks/ months.

This opportunity allows Mclaren Consultancy to engage with French speaking candidates ranging from 5 to 11 years of experience in different industries including luxury, finance, hospitality-restoration, engineering, energy etc., and be able to guide them through their job search process for different job positions as well as to answer their questions.

During the meeting, the participants will take the time to explore different scenarios (previous experience, looking for which industry and which position …), as well as to exchange on the main cultural differences between the French and Hong Kong practices as for its job search.

As for this meeting the Hong Kong recruitment market are new to some of the participants. Therefore, we have explained the job market in HK, our consultant also shared our professional advice on the participants’ CV, the importance of job interviews, the different jobs board and different contact point that can be approached.

We are very grateful to participate in this event. Hope all the best to those candidates and be able to boost their job search successful rate!